Root canal therapy is a better way to describe the treatment most people describe as the “dreaded” root canal. Thinking of it more as therapy than anything else is significant because it is a form of therapeutic treatment for a seriously threatened tooth. There are so many misunderstandings around this treatment that we at Port Washington Dental Care in Port Washington, NY think it is important to provide these root canal treatment FAQs.

As your preferred dentist in Port Washington, we often see people respond badly when told they need a root canal. However, many patients are not 100{8002b1bb8de652d0a5199dd69454115ff11e0d6b3c481b0f415184cca66dbef8} clear on just what the root canal is, and the benefits it provides. These root canal treatment FAQs are aimed at alleviating some of the confusion.

It Is About Endodontics.

Root canal therapy is done by a root canal specialist who is trained in endodontics. This is an area of dentistry that focuses on the interior of the tooth, and which can allow a patient to retain even a seriously infected tooth rather than losing it to extraction.

What Is a Root Canal?

This is one of the more important root canal treatment FAQs because many people are not sure what a root canal involves. To keep it simple, the treatment becomes necessary when a filling is unable to erase all of the decay from within a tooth. If decay passes through the enamel, into the pulp and then down into one or more of the roots, a patient has only two paths to choose: root canal or extraction.

It is always best to keep a tooth if possible, and the root canal actually removes all of the decay, treats the interior of the tooth to prevent future decay and brings all pain to a permanent end. It leaves the tooth fortified and functional, and is then topped with a new crown to offer support as the years pass.

How Painful Is It?

This too is another of the important root canal treatment FAQs because it clears up the misconception that root canals are incredibly painful. They are no more painful than a filling, but may take a little longer to complete. They end pain, and patients are usually greatly relieved almost at once.

Do You Suffer from Severe Tooth Pain? You May Need a Root Canal

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