With age naturally comes teeth that become yellow. Whether you have a background in smoking, drinking wine, or coffee and tea, substances such as these can stain your teeth and make your smile look less appealing. If you’re starting to feel unhappy with your smile, there is no reason you should live with your dull and dingy smile. It’s time to start thinking about solutions! With professional whitening treatments available from Port Washington Dental Care, our cosmetic dentist can help you achieve a brighter and whiter smile fast! Learn about the different benefits of choosing professional whitening over over-the-counter whitening products. The differences will surprise you!

Professional Results

One of the main reasons our cosmetic dentist does not recommend the over-the-counter whitening products is because they do not deliver the professional results that we can provide. When you buy a box of whitening strips or whitening gel, you have no clue what your results will look like. You might end up with a smile that is 10 shades whiter (unlikely) or one that is not even whiter but your teeth feel sensitive afterward. When you choose professional whitening from our Port Washington dental office, you are choosing a professional level of service.

Our dentist has undergone additional education and training in order to provide whitening treatments for you. He can ensure that the results you receive are the ones that you want. This is why we sit down with our patients before giving them a whitening treatment to go over the results they want to achieve. You will choose your shade of white you want your teeth to be as well as the product you wish to use. Of course, if you want, we can give our opinion as to what we think is best for you! Your end results will not be a surprise; instead, they will be exactly what you paid for.

Fast Results

If you have a big event coming up and you need to rejuvenate your smile fast, then professional whitening is your best option. Patients can visit us on their lunch break or another small block of time to receive an in-office whitening treatment. Our in-office whitening treatment is our fastest whitening option. In just one visit, you can hope to whiten your teeth up to several shades. If you’re not in a time crunch, then you can opt for our take-home whitening kit. This allows you to whiten during your own time in the comfort of your home. Regardless of which type of treatment you choose, whether in-office or take-home, you can expect to see white results fast! This is much different than the over-the-counter products that typically take two weeks for small changes to occur.

Designed for You

When you choose professional whitening from our Port Washington cosmetic dentist, you are choosing a customized whitening treatment made specifically for you. Although all of our patients use the same products, no two patients want the same results and have the same before and after photos. Each patient is unique and so is their whitening treatment. During your consultation for professional whitening, our dentist will discuss your goals with you. During this time, he will calculate which whitening solution to give you and how often and how long each treatment should be on your teeth. As a result, you will end up with the results you want! In addition, any whitening trays we give you are custom made to fit your mouth. This is something you won’t find in over-the-counter products. These non-custom trays usually result in uneven whitening and whitening solution making its way onto the gums. This can lead to tooth sensitivity that can be quite uncomfortable.

Long-Lasting Results

You won’t have to worry about making a touchup visit with our cosmetic dentist after you receive your professional whitening treatment. This is because our dentist uses professional bleaching products on your teeth. Since a dentist is administering your treatment, they are allowed to use whitening products with a higher bleach concentration. The higher bleaching level not only whitens your teeth faster, but it provides longer lasting results than those you would receive with over-the-counter whitening products. As long as you brush your teeth, floss and visit us for dental exams and cleanings, you can expect your results to last for at least a year before you need to receive a touchup.


When you choose to whiten your teeth yourself, there is a huge likelihood that you will damage your teeth. A huge trend in at-home whitening right now is using charcoal to brush your teeth. We do not in any way think this is a good idea. This is because charcoal is abrasive, and when you brush your teeth with it, you are actually scraping away your enamel. You need your enamel to protect your tooth from decay and bacteria. Your teeth might look whiter afterward, but they will be damaged. When you choose professional whitening, our dentist only prescribes treatments that will not damage your teeth. Your enamel cannot grow back so it’s important to do everything in your power to not damage it. If you leave other whitening products on your teeth too long or the bleach gets on your gums, your mouth is not going to feel well afterward. You can expect a damaged enamel as well as sensitive teeth and gums.

Thorough Whitening

The last reason we recommend professional whitening to our patients is that they will receive a thorough whitening job. It’s common for over-the-counter products to leave splotches of white on your teeth, but not an even and thorough result. Avoid having white spotted teeth and choose to work with a professional. Our dentist goes out of his way to assure that your teeth are evenly covered with the whitening solution.

Receive Professional Whitening from Port Washington Today

IF you’re unhappy with your smile and you’re ready to brighten it up, give us a call to schedule a consultation for professional whitening today. We guarantee that you won’t be unhappy with the results. Teeth whitening can improve your self-confidence and give you a million reasons to show off your smile every day. It will even help you look younger! What are you waiting for? Give us a call or fill out our online form today to get started.