Oh no, you heard the words “root canal” come out of your dentist’s mouth and you are freaking out a bit. Never fear, Port Washington Dental Care is here to dismiss all of your concerns and worry. Our patients usually freak out a bit when they hear those two words, but we want them to know that a root canal isn’t something to worry about. Before you try to weasel your way out of another root canal, read through these facts you need to know about root canals. They might change your perspective and give you a positive outlook on root canals.

1. Don’t Think Your Tooth is Fine if the Pain Goes Away

Among the facts that you need to know about root canals, this is one of the top ones. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain and heard from your dentist that you need a root canal but suddenly the pain goes away before your appointment, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a root canal. This actually means that the infected has progressed to the point of killing the pulp in your tooth which results in no more pain. The pain might be gone, but the infection is still there and can lead to facial swelling or oozing pus that can travel to your roots. Your takeaway is to not delay your upcoming treatment if your symptoms improve.

2. Antibiotics Aren’t an Alternative to Root Canals

Since you have an infection in your tooth, you might think that just taking antibiotics will cure the infection. Unfortunately, the infection is inside your tooth and no blood flows to that area. Antibiotics work in your bloodstreams. As a result, antibiotics will do nothing to heal your infection. We need to drill into your tooth and clean out the infected pulp in order for your tooth to get better.

3. Root Canals are Not Painful

A lot of our patients worry that root canals will be a painful procedure. We have good news for you, this is all a myth! For your procedure, our Port Washington dentist will make sure you don’t feel any pain. We make this possible by using a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area and your tooth. If you happen to feel any pain, please let us know so that we can give you more medicine.

4.  You Might Feel Sore Afterward

Although your procedure won’t be painful, you will feel a bit sore in your mouth afterward. You can expect your tooth and mouth to feel sensitive for a few days. We recommend taking over the counter pain medicine to help with the discomfort. We also recommend eating a diet of soft foods and to avoid chewing on the side of your mouth that had the root canal. If you feel more pain than you find tolerable, please let us know so we can examine your mouth.

5. Protect Your Tooth

Following your procedure, we will give you a temporary crown to cover your tooth. The crown is there to protect your tooth from particles, food and further infection while your permanent crown is being made in the lab. We will place the permanent crown once it returns. In the meantime, it’s important to protect your tooth from damage by not biting or chewing with it until you receive your dental crown.

6. Take Care of Your Tooth

Not only will you need to protect your tooth, but you will need to take care of it. This means you continue brushing and flossing twice a day and avoid harm to your teeth from eating ice or chewing on things you shouldn’t. The better you take care of your tooth, the longer your crown will last.

7. A Root Canal Can Save Your Smile

One of the facts you need to know about root canals is one that will save your entire smile. When you choose not to receive a root canal, this can actually harm your surrounding teeth. If you were to pull the tooth, your surrounding teeth will shift into the empty slot, throwing your whole bite off. This will only be avoided if you invest in a replacement tooth.

8. Don’t Extract Your Tooth

Like we mentioned above, extraction is not an ideal treatment alternative. There are so many benefits of having a tooth root in your jaw that replacement teeth just can provide. Unless you intend to receive a dental implant to replace your extracted tooth, extraction is a bad idea. Try to preserve as many natural teeth as possible.

9. A Root Canal is Not a Permanent Solution

The facts you need to know about root canals will help you make a better decision. When it comes to root canals, your treatment doesn’t stop at the root canal. Following the treatment, you will also need a dental crown to protect your tooth from extended damage and infection.

10. Your Tooth Infection Can Spread

The last fact you need to know about root canals is that your infection can spread. If you choose to leave your tooth alone, the infection will spread from your tooth and into your jawbone structure which puts your other teeth at risk for infection. This can lead to severe oral health issues. Make sure to receive treatment as soon as possible for the health of your other teeth.

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