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Benefits of Root Canals

It is interesting that so many people frown on the idea of a root canal. As a treatment that can bring pain to an abrupt end while also saving an adult tooth, it is a wonderful remedy. Add to that the simple fact that it is no more complex or challenging than most fillings, and you start to recognize the benefits of root canals. At Port Washington Dental Care in Merrick, NY we offer root canals when needed and want our patients to understand what a beneficial option they provide.

As your dentist in Merrick, we want you to consider root canals in a different light. We want you to see that, among the many benefits of root canals, there are restorative and cosmetic benefits to be enjoyed. Just consider:

You keep the natural tooth – One of the most significant of the many benefits of root canals is that they allow you to retain the roots of your original tooth. This keeps the gum and jaw in prime condition, holds your teeth and natural bite in alignment, and allows you to continue to chew like normal. When you lose an adult tooth, the surrounding teeth can move, the gum and jaw tissue recede, and a long list of issues can develop. Root canals erase those threats.

You use the tooth like normal – Although most root canals end with a new dental crown, you can still use that tooth just like the original. You have the original roots, and the durable dental crown enables you to apply normal biting force and pressure and to chew and use the mouth naturally.

You don’t have to worry about appearances – Among the other benefits of root canals is the fact that they are undetectable to the naked eye. The dental crown is designed to look natural and match the surrounding teeth, and you won’t have to live with an unsightly filling or empty space where a tooth once was!

You can have it all done in a day – One of the main benefits to our patients is that we can offer same day crowns. This means you can have your root canal and get it fitted with the crown on the same day if you desire, and this can allow you to heal and get back to normal faster and more comfortably.

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