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porcelain veneers FAQsHave you been contemplating some cosmetic dentistry? If so, you probably know about dental veneers, or porcelain veneers. At Port Washington Dental Care in Port Washington, NY, we encourage our patients to consider this form of cosmetic treatment when thinking of their smiles, and we offer these porcelain veneers FAQs to help.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Dental porcelain is remarkably strong and can often stand up to the same pressures and wear of your natural teeth. Veneers are made of this rugged porcelain, and formed into paper-thin shells that are designed to fit over your natural teeth, improving their appearance.

Are There Any Benefits to Veneers, Apart from Cosmetic?

This is one of the more important porcelain veneers FAQs because it actually relates directly to the benefits of cosmetic dentistry as a whole. Veneers do serve to cover and mask flaws in the teeth or smile, however, they are also strong and bonded to teeth that are deeply stained or damaged. The tooth that is chipped, cracked or broken is actually supported as well as improved by veneers.

As your preferred dentist in Port Washington, we also want patients to keep in mind that veneers, and cosmetic treatments, also come with a tremendous boost in self confidence or self esteem.

How Long Does It Take Porcelain Veneers Specialists to Complete the Process?

This is another of the key porcelain veneers FAQs, and the answer often surprise many. Our cosmetic dentist can usually complete the process in only two office visits. The first has them prepare your teeth and make molds. They apply temporary veneers and then a lab crafts your new and super strong veneers. You return to have them placed and bonded, and it is done.

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