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TMJ Treatment FAQsChances are you have heard of the condition known as TMJ or TMD. They are the same thing, and the acronyms translate to temporomandibular joint and temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ or TMD is a painful matter and it can cause a truly remarkable array of symptoms. Patients come to Port Washington Dental Care in Port Washington, NY complaining of dental pain, jaw pain, ringing ears, neck pain, tooth grinding, headache and more. Why it happens is still a bit of a mystery, but these TMJ treatment FAQs will provide at least a few answers.

What Are the Most Common Signs that Someone Has TMJ?

This is one of the most common TMJ treatment FAQs, and the list is amazingly long. As we already indicated, it can make itself known through ear ringing, jaw pain, sore teeth, headache, facial pain, and unexpected dental wear. Some of the more typical signs are jaw popping and clicking, locking in position and feeling uncomfortable when moving, yawning or chewing.

Some patients also have teeth loosening, neck pain and find that they are leaning their heads forward to an uncomfortable and frequent degree.

What Is the Cause of TMD?

Again, as a preferred dentist in Port Washington, we hear this one often and it ranks as one of the top TMJ treatment FAQs. Unfortunately, there is no single answer. TMJ or TMD is attributed to everything from grinding the teeth and clenching the jaws, lifestyle choices like gum chewing and pencil biting, to accidents and surgeries. Some experience it after a head or jaw trauma but some show symptoms when stressed.

What Kinds of TMJ Treatments Are Available?

This is one we can answer. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to address it, and one we use is an appliance that stabilizes your bite. This will be worn as you sleep, or during the day, and it is going to hold your jaw in proper alignment to alleviate symptoms and overcome the condition.

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