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Benefits of Dental Crowns

At Port Washington Dental Care in Merrick, NY we offer a long list of restorative dentistry treatments. This is a key area in dental care and important for patients to know about. However, one of the most common treatments offered are dental crowns, and we want to explain the tremendous benefits of dental crowns to help patients recognize the value of this option.

Dental crowns are an area of restorative dentistry that we might take for granted. They are used for many reasons, though most of us associate them with treatments like root canals. In fact, as your dentist in Merrick, we would recommend dental crowns for you when:

  • You have a large cavity that requires the removal of too much tooth material. If we used only a filling to stabilize the tooth, it could eventually crack, and one of the benefits of dental crowns is that it shields and protects a tooth rather than attempting to hold it together from within
  • You have a root canal. Typically, a root canal requires the removal of most of the original crown. This is why the final step in a root canal treatment is the placing of a new crown on the repaired and restored tooth.
  • You have a dental implant. Dental implants are remarkable technology with their own long list of benefits. However, the finishing touch to a successful implantation is the fitting of a new dental crown.
  • You have suffered damage or trauma to a tooth. If the structure of a tooth is severely weakened, a dental crown can be used to repair, protect and restore that tooth to full use.
  • You want to replace a large, amalgam filling. Older metal fillings are unattractive and relatively weak. If you want to replace one effectively, dental crowns are the best option.

Clearly, there are many benefits of dental crowns, but our patients can add one more major benefit to this list, and that is that we extend “same day” crowns. Our patients do not have to wait a few days or a week to get a new crown. We can craft them to your specific needs while you wait, making the benefits of dental crowns even more substantial for our patients.

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