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Teeth Whitening Facts

Have you heard that if you pluck a gray hair, two more gray hairs will grow in its place? This myth has been spread so often that a lot of people take it as truth, but the fact is that only one hair can grow from a follicle, so you can pluck that one gray hair until the day you die and never have it double up on you. There are almost as many myths about teeth whitening, and the facts are not always easily separated from the myths.

At Port Washington Dental Care, we want you to approach teeth whitening with facts, not myths. So, in no particular order, here are the myths, followed by the facts about teeth whitening.

1.Teeth Whitening is Painful

There may be a slight element of truth to this. Some patients find that their teeth are sensitive following teeth whitening treatment, but most of the time the discomfort is easily treated using a toothpaste that is formulated for sensitive teeth.

2. OTC Whitening Strips Work Just as Well as Professional Treatments

This is one of the myths that can end up costing you a small fortune over time, as you buy whitening strips over and over and end up never getting the level of whitening you want. With OTC teeth whitening, the facts are that they will only deliver a few shades of whitening, they will only whiten the front of your teeth, and you will spend a lot of money and probably never be happy with the results.

3. Teeth Whitening is Expensive

One of the least-known teeth whitening facts is that it is the least expensive cosmetic dentistry treatment you can have.

4.Teeth Whitening Does Not Last

With professional teeth whitening from your dentist, you can expect the treatment to last for at least a year and a half.

5. Anyone Can Benefit from Teeth Whitening

If you have crowns or a lot of dental bonding, one of the unfortunate facts about teeth whitening is that it will not work for you. This is because synthetic materials do not respond to whitening. If you are anticipating a lot of dental restoration work, have the teeth whitening treatment done beforehand.

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If you need more information about teeth whitening, we can give you the facts. Call Port Washington Dental Care at 516-378-1725 to learn more or to book an appointment with Dr. Tassos Katechis.

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