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Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have come to Port Washington Dental Care in Merrick, NY to explore your options in restorative dentistry, you may have already wondered about dental implants. Though they are not one of the latest or newest discoveries in dentistry, they are only now becoming readily and widely available. With a success rate around 95-98{8002b1bb8de652d0a5199dd69454115ff11e0d6b3c481b0f415184cca66dbef8}, they are a wonderful opportunity for a wide array of patients. The benefits of dental implants are many, and as your preferred dentist in Merrick, we want you to know about them.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

They restore the smile – This is not purely cosmetic. Instead, when you use dental implants to replace missing teeth, you return your mouth to its most natural state. This is important because it means that your bite is properly aligned, your teeth and gums are functional, and you can speak, smile and look like you always have!

They preserve the health of the teeth and gums – Perhaps the most substantial of the benefits of dental implants is the fact that even a single implant can save the overall health of the mouth. This is because the loss of just one tooth can radically change the conditions inside the mouth. Neighboring teeth may move, and this misaligns the bite. Teeth now begin to meet and wear against one another unnaturally, leading to chipping, breaking and more. The jaw may manifest signs of TMJ and you may have headache and pain. Clearly, the benefits of dental implants must focus here, but there is more to it…

They preserve bone and gum – The body is a complex system and the cells and tissues communicate on many levels. In the mouth, the roots of the teeth interact with the jawbone and the gum tissue, and if a tooth is lost, it can cue the jaw and bone to recede. This can present many challenges, and if you are missing several teeth in a row, it can be a serious issue. A single implant, however, communicates with the tissue and prevents the recession and bone loss.

They are permanent – If the idea of dentures does not appeal, implants are remarkably easy to use because they are just like a natural tooth! Give them the same care and you can have them for decades afterward.

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