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Invisalign Facts

Invisalign Facts to Know Before You Schedule an Appointment

Getting a straight, even smile is a common concern for many dental patients who visit their dentist in Merrick. However, most adults do not want to wear metal braces, which can look immature and unattractive. The best cosmetic alternative these days is clear braces, otherwise known as Invisalign. These trays are specially crafted by an Invisalign specialist to fit your teeth like a glove, and can offer you the smile you have always wanted. Before you rush to make an appointment with your city dentist, here are some Invisalign facts to know.

Invisalign Orthodontics Are Fast

Traditional metal braces can take years to correct your teeth, which is expensive and painful. One of the best Invisalign facts to learn is that clear braces only take around one year to adjust the alignment of your teeth. You can save money, save time, save pain, and still get the same results with Invisalign.

Invisalign Clear Braces Are Easy to Care For

Traditional braces require a little bit of tricky cleaning, with special toothbrushes and a lot of attention to what may be stuck in the metal caps. Invisalign clear braces are not worn when eating, so you can enjoy your food, brush your teeth like normal, and then replace your Invisalign aligner. This makes it easy for you to continue your routine as usual. It is important that you care for your clear braces carefully to ensure that they stay clear. Certain toothpastes, or eating or drinking with your trays in, can cause them to stain and become visible. Brushing them too hard can cause bacteria to settle into minute scratches. Carefully protecting your Invisalign tray will ensure that you get all the great orthodontics benefits of clear braces.

Get More Invisalign Facts from Your Dentist in Merrick

One of the top benefits of Invisalign clear braces is that they are totally invisible. No one will know that you are wearing braces, so you can continue your professional and personal life without embarrassing interruption. You will not have to see pictures of yourself in five years with a mouth full of metal. If you want more Invisalign facts, or you are ready to schedule your appointment, contact us online or call Port Washington Dental Care in Merrick at 516-378-1725 today.

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