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Benefits of TMJ Treatment

At Port Washington Dental Care in Merrick, NY, we want our patients to learn as much as possible about the signs and symptoms of the condition described both as TMJ or TMD. They describe temporomandibular joint disorder, and this is a condition that can cause a host of problems. As your dentist in Merrick, want you to learn about the issue and the many benefits of TMJ treatment we make available.

While some who suffer from TMJ or TMD will endure nothing more than some stiffness in the jaw, others have pain that can be quite debilitating. At the very least, the key benefits of TMJ treatment include the fact that they directly address the pain and/or discomfort.

What are the other benefits of TMJ treatment? Let’s consider:

Alleviation of pain – We already mentioned that pain can be intense, but the condition presents an array of discomforts. For example, many patients have jaw pain or headaches. Some experience neck and shoulder pain, and some have discomfort in their teeth as well as the surrounding head and neck regions. Treatment addresses each area and helps alleviate the pain.

Deals with ear issues – Though the cause for TMJ or TMD is unknown, many patients manifest tinnitus, which is a very distracting and constant ringing in the ears. It can be a problem whenever you are trying to hear faint sounds, go to sleep or just relax. Though there are no easy remedies for this, one of the direct benefits of TMJ treatment is that it can reduce this issue or even end it.

You can eat, speak, yawn and use your mouth like normal. Many patients find it hard to chew normally or even just yawn because of stiffness and even a locking sensation in the jaw. Their teeth may be incredibly tender because of the bruxism or teeth grinding that is a sign of TMJ, and so treatment allows normal function.

You won’t damage your teeth. As we just mentioned, bruxism is a common indicator of TMJ, and yet it can lead to worsening conditions because it can damage the other teeth, alter the bite, and open the mouth to a host of other problems such as decay or damage.

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