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Benefits of Dentures

If your last visit to Port Washington Dental Care in Merrick, NY ended with a discussion of dentures as a possible solution to your needs, you may not want to make a decision until you know of the many benefits of dentures. While dentures have an out of date reputation for being obvious, uncomfortable or undesirable, the realities are far different. As a dentist in Merrick offering restorative dentistry we want our patients to be fully informed about the many ways that dentures can provide an optimal solution.

What are the benefits of dentures? As we said, they are a form of “restorative dentistry” and that means that they can be part of a solution custom designed to restore your mouth to its fullest function. Not only will dentures give you a natural and attractive smile, but they also allow you to eat, speak and look like normal.

Keep in mind that, among the key benefits of dentures is the simple fact that they are meant to work just like your natural teeth once did. This is not limited only to chewing, though. Just consider what happens when someone loses several teeth or even an entire set of upper or lower teeth. The soft tissue of their face falls into the gaps, and alters their appearance, the empty areas make their speech different, and they cannot always eat as they want. Thus, dentures are a functional and esthetic option.

Of course, the technologies at work in the making of dentures cannot be ignored either. Today’s dentures – whether full or partial, or even those fixed in place using implants, will be made to fit precisely and comfortably. Like all dentures, they may need to be tweaked and adjusted at first, but then they should serve you well for at least five years, and perhaps up to ten!

Many patients also see that one of the prime benefits of dentures are the cost. Not everyone can budget dental implants to replace their permanent teeth, and so a set of well made dentures is a very affordable and appealing alternative. Keeping your bite aligned and functional, and restoring your mouth to full function, they are a great solution.

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